September 29, 2010
Location:  Santiago de Cuba
Hi Daniel,
Sorry I didn’t provide more details.
The congregation of moths was all over the old Spanish fortress, on the walls, the ground, everywhere! Even inside open rooms. No trees anywhere near, and very little other vegetation.
I’m attaching a photo of what I believe is a white witch, and one of a section of wall about 1 sq meter, where I counted at least 10 moths.

Owl Moth

Hi again Ben,
We are sad to inform you that this interesting white moth is NOT a White Witch which is the largest moth in the world if the measurement is determined by wingspan.  We believe this is a smaller relative in the same genus, the Owl Moth,
Thysania zenobia, which we identified on the Moth Photographers Group website and then matched it on BugGuide.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Daniel
    Thanks for the correction! I’ll correct it in my album now…

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