Unknown Bug
Location:  Sonoma, CA
September 29, 2010 3:00 am
I found this bug in my bathtub tonight 09/28/10. I live in northern California and have never seen anything like this before.
Signature:  Michael

Snakefly Larva

Hi Michael,
This is a Beetle Larva, but we are not certain what family it belongs to.  We often have trouble with the identification of larval stages.  We will contact Eric Eaton for assistance.

Correction thanks to Eric Eaton
I can appreciate your hectic life.  I have much the same situation here, and not liking it much…..
Congrats on the book!  Let me know how I can help crank up those sales…..
Well, it is not a beetle larva for one thing.  At least, I’m pretty sure this is the larva of a snakefly, order Raphidioptera:
Easy mistake to make, and it took repeated encounters before I learned the difference, too.

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  1. Jacki Buddrius says:

    My daughter has found 4 of these in her bedroom. Pretty sure it’s the snakefly larvae based on the pictures above. How are they getting in her bedroom and how do we get rid of them? Any special pesticide?

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