Spider in Germany, Deployed Husband OH MY!
Location:  Southwestern Germany
September 26, 2010 2:57 pm
Hello! I am coming across these fabulous creatures almost daily in my home and can’t take much more. My husband is currently deployed and I can only handle so much. We are currently stationed in Germany, and while I love it here, I can’t take these guys greeting me when I first wake up. Plus, my son and I have been experiencing bites on our face and arms, and can’t help but wonder if these guys have something to do with it? Some are as big as my palm!
Please help so I can make it through the last 6 weeks of this 6 month deployment. I appreciate your help!
Signature:  Scared Military Spouse in Europe

Grass Spider

Dear Scared Military Spouse,
WE do not recognize your Spider, but in the interest of providing you with some information, we are posting your letter with the image of an unidentified Spider in the hopes that our readership will be able to come to your assistance.

Karl bails us out again: Unknown Spider from Germany – September 26, 2010
Hi Daniel:
I think this is probably a Funnel Weaving or Grass Spider (Agelenidae) in the genus Tegenaria. A family characteristic is eight eyes, in two rows of four, and I think I can just make out the top row in the photo. The common English names in northern Europe for spiders in this genus include House, Giant House, Common House and Domestic Spider (and probably more). There are at least 12 representatives in that part of Europe and they look too similar to me to make a call, but I think it may be either T. atrica or T. domestica. The infamous Hobo Spider of western North America is in the same genus (T. agrestis), and is actually an accidental introduction from Europe. Although they are all venomous, other than the Hobo Spider they don’t appear to have a reputation for biting humans (they do frighten them, however). The really long legged ones are males and they are the ones that are commonly seen wandering around homes in the fall in search of females. Regards.  Karl

Karl is my hero! Danke!
I’d like to send some German Spider-Free Chocolate as a thank you. May I please have your mailing address?
Vielen Dank,
Anna Roser

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