Monarch larvae & chrysalis
September 27, 2010
Hi Daniel,
I’ve sent you a few pix over the last couple of months, one of which you featured as September’s Bug of the Month.
Thought you might be interested in this monarch larvae. I found it munching on milkweed, which I have growing all around my property and in my yard. (For this very reason!) I decided to try bringing it in and making a “perfect spot” for it to make its chrysalis. Well, the photos show the progression: it continued to eat for another full day after I brought it in, which was September 22. On the evening of September 23, it started making its way up the branch. I figured I’d find a chrysalis the next morning. Instead, it had disappeared, no where to be found! On the 25th, I found the larvae on my wall, way down by the heat baseboard. I debated on moving it, but left it there and went to do errands. I came home in the mid afternoon to find the chrysalis hanging from the wall! Now, will a butterfly emerge?!
K L Thalin
Saxtons River, Vermont

Monarch Caterpillar

Dear KL,
The adult should emerge in a few weeks depending upon the temperature.

Monarch Chrysalis

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Location: Vermont

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