What IS This?? Snail-Like Head On Insect
Location:  Adams County, Ohio
September 26, 2010 6:50 pm
Hello! My fiance recently brought this bug back (alive) in a pill bottle from Adams County Ohio. We have no idea what it is, nor does anyone else we have asked. It has a snail-like head that goes back inside the body when the insect is at rest or threatened and the tail seems to help it walk by pushing it along. It is approximately one inch long and, though it looks to have a hard body, it is quite soft.
More images here:
Signature:  Charlotte Walker

Firefly Larva

Hi Charlotte,
This is a beetle larva and there are two different possibilities as to its identity.  We are favoring the larva of a Firefly, and that retractable head is used to feed upon snails and slugs.  The other less likely possibility is that it is the larva of a Netwing Beetle, in which case it would feed upon fungus rather than snails.

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