Connecticut caterpillars
Location:  Tunxis State Forest, Connecticut
September 26, 2010 9:56 pm
We saw three different types of caterpillars today. I guess the first two are tussock moths? I have no idea about the ones in the third picture!
Signature:  Aine

Sawfly Larvae

Hi Aine,
Your third image of caterpillars are actually impostors.  They are the larvae of Sawflies, nonstinging relatives of bees and wasps.  By comparing your photo to images posted to BugGuide, we believe they may be Birch Sawfly Larvae,
Arge pectoralis.

I tried using the Discover Life caterpillar guide, but couldn’t find anything like them – now I know why! They were devouring a birch leaf, so that sounds pretty definite. Thanks!

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