on hickory tree
Location:  northern mid TN
September 26, 2010 7:06 pm
We were cutting up a downed Hickory here in mid Tn and these bugs were a little territorial of their section of wood. They seemed to be male and female sticking the long tail end into holes in the wood. They were overall around 5-7 inches long.
Signature:  Tom

Giant Ichneumon Ovipositing

Dear Tom,
It is the female Giant Ichneumon,
Megarhyssa atrata, that sticks her ovipositor into diseased wood because her larvae parasitize the larvae of the Pigeon Horntail that are eating the wood.  The female in your photo appears to be depositing her egg into a egress tunnel bored by either the emerging Pigeon Horntail Wood Wasp or an adult Giant Ichneumon.  We suspect it is the tunnel of the Pigeon Horntail.

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  1. Steve says:

    We found a Giant ichneumon on the front porch. He is black and kinda purple in the light. Long tail and looks like a wasp.

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