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September 25, 2010 3:59 pm
In July 2007  Sunset Magazine there is a photo of Lisa Anne and Daniel with what looks like a large color picture book of bugs, perhaps it is for young pre-reading children?  I was wondering what it is Title and Author, or your recommendation for a good bug book for children.
Thank you.
Signature: Susie Claxton

Sunset Magazine July 2007

Hi Susie,
The book in the photograph is Living Jewels by Poul Beckmann.  It is not a book for children, but rather a coffee table book of incredible photographs of beetles with almost no text.  Years ago, the Golden Guide to Insects by
Herbert S. Zim, Ph.D. & Clarence Cottam, Ph.D. with Illustrations by James Gordon Irving was a popular book.  It seems is it out of print, but we did locate  the Golden Book of Insects and Spiders by Saurence P. Pringle and illustrated by James Spence which may be the newest version of this excellent book for youngsters.

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  1. I have “Living Jewels” and it is a beautiful book and it does sit on our coffee table. Children are always fascinated by the beautiful beetles.
    Highly recommend.

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