September 23, 2010
Tuesday evening, Umber was limping slightly.  Yesterday it seems to have gotten worse.  Now Daniel is totally paranoid and thinking she may have Mareks Disease or Marek’s Disease.  We hope this story has a happy ending.

Update September 25, 2010
Daniel’s paranoia that Umber may have Marek’s Disease is waning.  After a morning telephone call to artist and neighbor Laura Cooper who has been keeping chickens for years,  suggested he call Wes as Wes’s Pet Shop and Seed in El Monte.  Wes thinks Umber probably just hurt her leg, a condition he sees often, and he suggested rubbing Vaseline on the joints.  Daniel also soaked Umber’s legs in warm water with epsom salts first.

Update October 1, 2010
Umber is actually getting worse and now her right leg is dragging behind her and there is swelling at the joint and the top of the foot.  The leg is very warm.  Daniel will be taking Umber to the Raymond Avenue vet this afternoon.  He is quite distraught.

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