Unknown Silkworm with Tramp Stamp
Location:  Suburb North of Atlanta, GA
September 20, 2010 8:40 am
Your site has fed a hidden fire in me for a love of bugs. I commonly find myself crouched over colorful insects snapping pictures or discussing the creature with friends and neighbors…and strangers. :/ My reputation even led to the neighbors walking over Saturday to share their find. My 9yo believes this to be an early luna moth instar but I wasn’t sure if that was the right identification. I couldn’t find any images online that exactly matched this fat green guy. Can you help us? He’s about two inches long. I’ve included pictures of a close up on its ugly light colored face, its front, stumpy and back, sucker legs. So cool by the way! Are the back legs truly suckers or are those fine hairs I think I see that make the legs act like the mouth of a venus fly trap? My 4yo neighbor was just as enthralled as I was watching the back legs open and close. But I ramble…another picture I’ve included is of the awesome tramp stamp mother natur e gave this silkworm…a smiley face on it’s backside. Love it.
Thanks for all you do, bugman. You’ve helped us many, many times and hopefully you can let us know if my 9yo was correct or if this was something completely different.
Update: Looks like I can only include three pics, so I won’t be sending the ugly mug. If you need it for identification, let me know. The legs and tattoo are much more interesting.
Signature:  Resa

Prometheus Moth Caterpillar

Hi Resa,
Your caterpillar is a Spicebush Silkmoth, also known as a Prometheus Moth or Promethea Moth,
Callosamia promethea, which we identified on BugGuideWe got a chuckle when you said you were attaching a closeup of the caterpillar’s head, because your photo is actually its rump.  Then we noticed your update that you were not attaching the head photo.  More information on this lovely moth can be found on BugGuide.

Rump of a Prometheus Moth Caterpillar

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  1. Joe says:

    Might this be a tulip silkmoth or sweetbay silkmoth larvae? Doesn’t quite look like promethea but maybe I’m wrong. Not a big deal either way love this site!

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