What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

September 20, 2010
Yesterday Daniel laid tile on the roof of the Chicken Coop to help waterproof the structure before the winter rains.  This morning there was evidence that a Raccoon paid a visit during the night.

Raccoon Tracks on newly tiled roof

This is the second time a raccoon has entered the chicken run at night, but other than possibly terrifying the sleeping hens, there was no real damage.  Daniel is very happy he took care to construct a secure chicken coop since there was a second nighttime marauder earlier in the evening.  Daniel noticed a skunk skulking around the chicken run at about 9 PM.  The raccoon had also fouled the water that is kept in a bowl in the chicken run.  Amber looked at the dirty water and refused to drink until the bowl was dumped out and filled with fresh water.

Amber eschews raccoon-fouled water

Update:  Dr. Winston Lutz performs surgery on the Fuzzy Bottom Gals
September 20, 2010.  1:56 PM
Retired pediatrician Dr. Winston Lutz operated on all three hens today while Susan Lutz of
EatSundayDinner.com snapped documentary photos of the procedure.  Winston who hails from Virginia farming country, has experience clipping the wings of chickens, so he wielded the scissors as Daniel caught and held each of the hens.

Amber Gets Clipped

Winston lopped off about three inches from the first five or so flight feathers on the left wing of each of the hens.

Ginger Gets Clipped

They appear nontheworse for their trauma.  They immediately began scratching at the compost pile and feeding on the vestiges of the corn that remained after cutting the kernels off the cobs to make Spanish rice, the Sunday Dinner that was documented photographically for Susan’s website.

Fuzzy Bottom Gals

The Fuzzy Bottom Gals continue to live up to their name as they stick their downy bottoms up in the air while foraging.

Clipped Chicks: Ginger, Amber and Umber

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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