Cool Bug in Costa Rica
Location:  La Selva Research Station, Costa Rica
September 16, 2010 7:59 pm
Hi, I spent 2 weeks this summer doing Biology at the La Selva Research Station in Costa Rica. I saw this beautiful iridescent green and orange insect and had to take a pic. Can you tell me what it is? My students are asking 🙂
Signature:  Katy, Indiana BioTeacher

Leaf Footed Bug

Hi Katy,
This is really a beautiful True Bug, but our quick search turned up empty.  Perhaps Karl will assist us in identifying this lovely creature.

Karl to the Rescue
Unknown True Bug from Costa Rica
Hi Daniel and Katy:
Your unknown true bug is a Leaf-footed bug (Coreidae), Paraphes flavocinctus. Many Leaf-footed bugs have prominent leaf-like projections on their legs (hence the family name), but not all. The species ranges from Belize to Colombia but I could find no other information. It really is a lovely bug. Most Coreids are predominantly black and I believe the iridescent green base color is a little unusual. Here is another very similar image I found on the TrekNature site (the identification is given in the fifth comment at the bottom). Regards.  Karl

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