wasp or horney
Location:  waco, texas
September 14, 2010 9:09 pm
found this in texas
Signature:  Leona Garrett

Giant Ichnuemon

Dear Leona Garrett of Waco Texas,
We do not tolerate plagiarism or cheating from our students, and we are shocked that we may have discovered it in a letter submitted to our website.  With all the publicity currently in the press regarding the claims of a lost negative trove attributed to Ansel Adams and the possibility that the glass plates were actually taken by Uncle Earl, we are most sensitive to claims of authenticity.  Kindly explain:   How is it that this exact image that you sent to us and claim to have taken in Waco, Texas in 2010 was identified as
Megarhyssa nortoni on BugGuide after being posted by Sandy Mallet with a 2007 copyright in Warwick Massachusetts?  We eagerly await your response.

2 Responses to Giant Ichneumon: Plagiarism on What's That Bug????????????????????????

  1. voltron7 says:

    Dear Bugman,

    This looks like spam or a bot…sorry to see this here 🙁

    • bugman says:

      Dear voltron7,
      We were very sorry to see this submission ourselves. We had prepared the posting and were using BugGuide to try to get a species identification when we realized that the three year old image was already posted there and attributed to another photographer.

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