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Location:  Nassau, NY
September 12, 2010 10:37 pm
My son found this bug on our patio. It’s magnified quite a bit in the photo – its actually shorter than a fingernail. It was found in Long Island just a couple of days ago. Until I magnified it I didn’t even notice it had eyes.
Signature:  urban bug hunter

Long Necked Seed Bug

Dear urban bug hunter,
We are nearly certain this is an Assassin Bug, but we cannot match your image to images on BugGuide.  Perhaps we can get some assistance from our readership.

September 14, 2010
Thanks to Cali17 who provided a comment, we believe this is a Long Necked Seed Bug,
Myodocha serripes, because of the strong resemblance to images posted to BugGuide which indicates it feeds upon:  “Seeds of strawberry and st. johnswort. Sometimes a pest of strawberries.”  BugGuide identifies its range as “Florida to Texas and north to southern Canada, west to Colorado, New Mexico” and states “Two generations per year; overwinters as adult in leaf litter or under bark of trees in woodlands”.

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  1. voltron7 says:


  2. cali17 says:

    Sure looks like the long-necked seed bug to me.

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