Black Bug with Scorpion-like Tail
Location:  Delevan, NY (Western end of NY)
September 11, 2010 8:10 pm
Just wondering if you can identify this bug! I’ve never seen anything like it…
Signature:  Amy

American Pelecinid

Dear Amy,
First we want to compliment you on the quality and detail in your photograph.  This is an American Pelecinid, the only member of its family native to North America.  This Parasitoid Wasp is a female and she uses her long abdomen to deposit her eggs underground near the burrows of June Beetle Grubs that are feeding on roots.  The wasp larvae feed on the beetle grubs.  It is unlikely that the American Pelecinid will ever be confused with another North American insect because it is so distinctive in its shape.

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