Parson Spider
Location:  Atlanta, Ga. USA
September 8, 2010 10:55 pm
Thanks to your site, which led me to Bug Guide, I think I have identified our mystery spider. We found it indoors in a suburb near Atlanta, Ga. USA. I’m reasonably sure it is a Parson Spider, and since I see no pictures of Parson Spiders on your site I thought I’d offer mine. The poor thing is missing 2 legs (not our doing), but it’s easily identifiable nonetheless.
Love your site. Thanks!
(PS- I am resending this as it apparently did not go through earlier. I sure hope I’m not sending multiple copies, and if I did then I apologize!)
Signature:  Kit

Parson Spider

Hi Kit,
Thanks so much for sending and then resending this image of a Parson Spider,
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus.  We actually do have other images buried deep in our archive, but your letter has given us the opportunity to create a new category for the family Gnaphosidae, the Ground Spiders, and then move our other letters with photographs of Parson Spiders into that category.

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