Black scorpion thing
Location:  West of Ireland
September 8, 2010 1:23 pm
Dear Bugman,
I recall a few years ago lifting up a potted plant in my garden (in Ireland) when i noticed a smallish bug, perhaps the size of a large locust, but it looked exactly like a scorpion with the curled stinger over its head and two pincer claws at the front. It was black and the stinger on its tail was white. Any idea what this could be, in Ireland of all places? I have no picture
Signature:  Deirdre

Video Art: The Black Scorpion

Hi Deirdre,
We were not originally going to publish your letter, but we love that you enclosed an image of the video box art from the 1950s classic horror film The Black Scorpion, and we are also intrigued by what you could possibly have seen.  We did find an online BBC news article of a woman stung by a scorpion in a market in Ireland, but to the best of our knowledge, there are no scorpions in Ireland.  We searched the internet and found a message board that poses a good possibility.  Perhaps you encountered a Devil’s Coach Horse, a Rove Beetle that strikes a defensive pose similar to that of a stinging scorpion.  We have attached a photo from our archive to this response.  The Devil’s Coach Horse is native to Europe, but it has been introduced to North America.  It is well established in our own Mt Washington, Los Angeles garden.

Devil's Coach Horse

Oh yeah, did a quick google search and it does look like what I saw, it was a long time ago and all I could remember was that it looked like a scorpion, shows how easily myths get started! Thanks for your help and love the site 😀

7 Responses to Mystery: Scorpion Thing in Ireland???

  1. sean says:

    hi just in responce to only learning today that scorpions arent on record in ireland id like to say im in no doubt they do exist in ireland because i have seen one i grew up in an old country house i remember playing with toy cars at the age of 7 in a tiled hallway my mother was in the kitchen and i seen unmistakably what was a small skinny transparent scorpion come out under the wood at one side and cross in front of me i shouted my mother because i didnt want to touch it but she never came until it disappeared and that was the first and last i have encountered so shocked to hear that they are not on record and im in no doubt it was a scorpion i am 100% on that … i wish i had some evidence im in two minds to go searching in my old house now it was near 20 years ago i dont know where it came from but it seemed at home

  2. Harry says:

    I just found one five minutes ago and it scared the beejeezus out of me. Just confirming, it’s not poisonous, right?

  3. chloe says:

    is a scorpion related to Irish people cause I’m Irish and I don’t really know that fact. I need to know or school because I am talking about cotroul haretiges is in school I am in 4th grade please repliy today

  4. Martin Little says:

    I live in county louth Ireland, and when i was a teenager I saw one of these on my garden shed rooftop as i was pulling a plank down from on top. I never saw such a thing in my life! the thing adopted a posture like a scorpion and i swear it hissed, and frightened the life out of me. I explained the experience to the people in my house (we had a bed and breakfast) and it’s concievable one of the lodgers could have carried the bug from the north west over to the east coast of the island. I spent all this time wondering if it was a hissing cockroach, but that picture is oddly similar to what i saw, the tips of the tail forked like such, but it wasnt as black. however it being 15 or so years ago its too difficult to remember the image. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Kevin Gilligan says:

    I took a photo of a weird spider and im trying to identify what it not sure how to send on the poto, i don’t have a computer so if anyone has a watsapp i know how to send a poto.

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