Eastern Pondhawk?
Location:  Western Massachusetts
September 8, 2010 1:39 pm
This big fella (gal?) was having a long sunbath in my garden on a warm August day. It was probably 3” -4” inches long. And look at that ”one-eyed” marking on it’s head – pretty neat! After searching your site and BugGuide, it looks to be an Eastern Pondhawk. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks for your tireless efforts.
Signature:  Lynn Bee

Green Darner

Hi Lynn,
Your Dragonfly is actually a Green Darner.  You can compare your photo to this nearly exact match on bugGuide.

Thanks Daniel,
I guess I should have gone further into BugGuide or “green dragonflies” than I did. Your identification of my green darner is much appreciated. The 35 or more pix I took of that ham have graced my homepage and everything else I could put him/her on for a year….yep, it took that long to get those photos loaded and tagged, lol. Thanks again so very much,
Lynn Bee

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