Found in Albuquerque NM Aug 2010
Location:  USA South West
September 8, 2010 2:48 am
I am curious as to the identity of this insect.
Signature:  It doesn’t matter.

Charlie Brown Blister Beetle

Dear It doesn’t matter,
The enthusiasm of your email literally oozed off the computer screen at us, so we were compelled to copiously research your identification request until we were successful because we thought it would mean so much to you.  The clarity of your low resolution image that appears to have been taken with a cellular telephone seems to indicate a beetle with a soft body, so we started by searching BugGuide for Soldier Beetles, and we drew a blank.  We next turned to Blister Beetles on BugGuide and browsed through page after page of BugGuide imagery in the subfamily Nemognathinae without success.  We had better luck with the BugGuide section on the subfamily Meloinae where we finally identified the Charlie Brown Blister Beetle,
Pyrota palpalis, but alas, BugGuide has no specific information on the species.  We sincerely hope that our research has not sated your curiosity, and that we have whetted your appetite to pursue more knowledge on this gaily marked beetle named after a pop culture icon.  At any rate, it did whet our appetite, so we tried some additional research in an attempt to learn specifics about the Charlie Brown Blister Beetle.  We did find it on the Texas Beetle Information website, but other than a map of Texas indicating the range in the southwest portion of the state and a link to photos on the Harvard Entomology website, there was not much to glean, though we do like the photos of the labels that accompany the type specimen.

Thank you for the research you put towards this query. I was able to find a good picture of one thanks to your assistance.
This is exactly the insect that my fiance took a picture of.
Thank you for you time and efforts!

You’re welcome.  We enjoyed doing the research.

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