Blue and brown butterfly
Location:  Amana, Iowa
September 7, 2010 4:11 pm
Please let us know what this butterfly is called. I took the photo 9/5/2010 in Amana, Iowa. It was eating squashed and rotting pears on the sidewalk.
I didn’t see anything just like it in your search feature,
Thank you!
Signature:  Diane

Red Spotted Purple

Hi Diane,
Perhaps you did not connect your Red Spotted Purple to the numerous individuals in our archives because your specimen is showing its age.  The vibrant colors of a freshly metamorphosed specimen cannot compare to the faded beauty that your example illustrates.

Thanks for the reply–and so quickly, too!
We did see the Red Spotted Purple, but dismissed it.  Didn’t realize that butterflies fade, but it does make sense!

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