Possible Tick?
Location:  North Texas
September 6, 2010 9:11 pm
I live in Mckinney Texas and found this little guy crawling around my backyard. I have a Dog that was diagnosed with Erlichia when I rescued him, most likely from a deer tick. Not sure if this little guy is a tick or not. Thanks for any help.
Signature:  Regards Joe

Fancy Dung Beetle

Hi Joe,
This is not a tick.  It is a Fancy Dung Beetle,
Bolbocerosoma farctum, or another member of the genus which all look quite similar (see BugGuide).  It is one of the Earth Boring Dung Beetles in the family Geotrupidae.  It is not a threat to your dog and it may be attracted to the canine feces in your yard.

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