impressive, but what is it?
Location:  Ocala, Florida
September 7, 2010 7:25 pm
have seen 2 of these big boys this summer in north central Florida, both times in the grass. I live in Ocala, FL. I took these on my sidewalk. And here I thought I had a rabbit pooing on the sidewalk, lol! No, it’s this bug. I’m new to this region of the country….What is it?
Signature:  thank you! Laura

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Hi Laura,
This large flightless Grasshopper is known as an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper,
Romalea microptera.  There are two distinct color variations.  Your individual is light, and the other is black with orange markings.  They are so different they do not even look like the same species.  It is said they are foul tasting which protects them from many predators.  According to BugGuide:  “When disturbed, it will spread its wings, hiss, and secrete a smelly fluid from its spiracles.”

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