Colorado Moth
Location:  Denver, Colorado
September 4, 2010 12:49 pm
I found this moth in Denver, Colorado in July. It seems to resemble the dagger moth and the underwing moth but the secondary wings look just like the ones on top. Moth measures 2 inches. Any help is appreciated.
Signature:  Colorado moth lover

Waved Sphinx

Dear Colorado Moth Lover,
We believe this is a Waved Sphinx,
Ceratomia undulosa, based on photos and information posted to Bill Oehlke’s excellent website, however there are several other similar looking species found in Colorado.  We are going to copy Bill Oehlke with our reply so that he can incorporate your sighting into the comprehensive database he oversees, and perhaps he will be able to confirm our identification.

Hugely helpful!!  Thank you so much!!
Julie Groves

Bill Oehlke Confirms Identification
Denver, Colorado Sphingidae is Ceratomia undulosa.
Bill Oehlke

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