Jewel-like beetle
Location:  Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Yucutan Penninsula, Mexico
September 4, 2010 1:08 pm
So one day while sitting in the kitchen of my friends apartment here in Playa Del Carmen, in the coast of Mexico, this little beetle about the size of an index fingernail lands on the countertop. for ages I just sat there mesmerised by it’s coloring. It was only until 10 minutes had passed when I thought of taking a photo. It would be great if I could put a name to this insect as I’ve only seen it once before.
Much appreciated!
signature:  Adam Bolton

Tortoise Beetle

Hi Adam,
This is a Tortoise Beetle in the tribe Cassidini, but we cannot find a visual match on BugGuide.  Often Tortoise Beetles lose their beautiful metallic coloration after death.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to supply a species name.

Tortoise Beetle

Hi daniel,
Thank you for your quick reply! Now I know what it is, I can put my mind at rest. What I will be doing from now on though, is using
your site a lot more. Since moving from my native England to Mexico, I’ve come across all kinds of strange and weird creatures which i’d love to know what they really are.

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