Funnel-web Spider
Hi Daniel and Lisa,
Waiting patiently for your book to arrive soon!
Meanwhile, I’ve been walking in the Smokies almost daily, and it’s always an adventure.  This week, along my path, were four different Funnel-web Spiders working diligently.  All four webs were still intact this morning, though one spider has yet to show itself.
Ducking gossamer already,
R.G. Marion

Funnel Web Spider

Hi R.G.,
Unless you have taken a holiday, we are guessing that this photo is from North Carolina.  We are happy to hear you are excited about Daniel’s book.  He hopes to be receiving a review copy this month.  Thanks for sending your photo of a Funnel Web Spider.

Hello again.  Actually, I’m in Cosby, TN.  The North Carolina State Line is about ten miles from here, as the crow flies.  It is quite a bit farther by automobile.  Both being in The Great Smoky Mountains, East TN and western NC share their flora, fauna, and “bugs!”

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