Unknown water bug
Location:  Northeast Ohio farm pond
September 3, 2010 5:24 pm
My kids found this water bug in our pond trying to net minnows. We live in Northeast Ohio. The bug gets air with its head and when it swims, it shoots water out of its butt like a squirtgun! Very interesting, do you have any ideas?
Signature:  Fred

Clubtail Dragonfly Naiad

Hi Fred,
This is an immature Dragonfly known as a Naiad.  It is pretty unique looking and it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify the species.

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  1. RenaudB says:


    That larvae is of the Clubtails (Gomphidae) family which larvae often have funny looking shape. Thick antennae are a clue to that family. Some like yours have elongated back end, sometimes as long as the rest of the body, they use to breath while burried into sediment stalking for preys.


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