Blue-margined Ground Beetle

Mating Blue Margined Ground Beetles

Blue-margined Ground Beetle
Location:  Somervell County, Texas
September 1, 2010 2:11 pm
I took these two pictures of what I believe are Blue-margined Ground Beetles. I assume the one picture is a shot of them mating? While I was taking pics, my 7yo gently blew on them and they popped apart and walked their separate ways.
I simply wanted to contribute the photos if you need them. We are in Somervell County, Texas and these were spotted in August, 2010.
Signature:  Amber

Post-Coital Blue Margined Ground Beetle

Dear Amber,
Out of respect for our younger readers, we do not use cuss words on our website, however we are far from prudish.  This photo of presumably courting Ground Beetles has to be one of the most provocative Bug Love images we have ever seen.  We compared your images to Blue Margined Ground Beetles (the photographer’s name rather than an accepted common name) that are posted to BugGuide, and we have to agree with you.  There may be a coleopterist out there that will correct us, or a faithful and very beetle knowledgeable reader like mardikavana who may set us straight, but we believe your beetle looks like
Pasimachus depressus.

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