Flying Insect
Taylor, MI (southeast MI)
August 31, 2010 10:40 pm
This is probably a pretty boring insect, but what in the world is this. They were hanging out by the hundreds on a window of a friend of mine?


Hi cgp,
We are not going to try to pretend we know more than what our limited understanding includes when it comes to insect identification.  These are members of the order Diptera which includes flies and mosquitoes.  They are some small gnats or midges, but we have no idea what family much less genus or species.  That would take a true expert in the area, known as a dipterist.  We can tell you that this is a pair, and the individual with the arrow pointing at him is the male.  Many male flies have highly developed antennae which are sensory organs, presumably to help them locate females.  Hopefully one of our readers will be able to provide a more specific identification.  We just noticed your email contained a second contact with additional information.

Apparently this is a chiromid midge.
— cgp

Dear cgp,
Thanks for providing us with a followup that supports our original vague identification.  We are linking to the BugGuide information page on the Chironomid Midges in the family Chironomidae.

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