What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Location:  southern wisconsin
August 29, 2010 9:27 pm
Aug 30th, moth on our deck in s wisconsin. what is it?

White Lined Sphinx

Hi jw,
YOur moth is a White Lined Sphinx or Striped Morning Sphinx,
Hyles lineata.  This is one of the most common Hawk Moths in the family Sphingidae, and it can be found in all forty eight lower states and much of Canada.  You may read more about the White Lined Sphinx on Bill Oehlke’s excellent website.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Debi Griffin says:

    Saw one of these today and it was quite amazing! I have read about all these larger pretty moths but this is the first one I have ever seen

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