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Location:  Wisconsin
August 29, 2010 6:36 pm
I found this bug in my living room in Southeast Wisconsin. It looks like a winged ant but has a super skinny thorax and seems indestructable. I actually burned it before taking this photo and it still was partly alive.

Unknown Wasp

Hi Josh,
We do not recognize your wasp, but we hope one of our readers will be able to assist in its identification.  We wonder perhaps if it might be the little seen male of a species that exhibits sexual dimorphism, like possibly the American Pelecinid, which is only represented by females on BugGuide.  At any rate, burning this unknown wasp constitutes unnecessary carnage in our book.  Many times people kill benign or beneficial insects because they look fearsome or for other unfathomable reasons.

Eric Eaton provides an identification
Hi, Daniel:
No, that is an ichneumon wasp, possibly in the subfamily Pimplinae:
Not all Pimplinae have long ovipositors.  This specimen appears to have a short one, or else it is broken.

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