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sexy bug spends the night
Location:  Granite, MD
August 29, 2010 1:38 pm
Hi Bugman!
You’ll be pleased to know nothing was squashed in the making of this inquiry. We were painting the upstairs bedroom yesterday and opened the window to get some ventilation. We closed the door behind us and left the light on all night… but our window had no screen. (Oops!) We hosted quite the unintentional bug party last night, and this handsome fellow stuck around to check out what we were having for breakfast. So what is it?? Thanks!
hostess with the mostest

Ailanthus Webworm

Nevermind! Found it on the site. We cleared our property of lots of invasives (plants) last year and replaced them with natives so it’s good to meet a bug who is a kindred spirit! Thanks for your time :0)

Dear Hostess with the Mostest,
We are happy to hear that you identified this Ailanthus Webworm, and also that you are replacing invasive plants with native species.  You will need to be very diligent to ensure that the Ailanthus does not return if that was one of the plants you removed.  Ailanthus or Tree of Heaven might be the greatest threat to native habitat in North America right now.  This large weed tree from China spreads by both roots and seeds, and a tree that is cut will just sprout back as a grove.  It can survive in cold, hot, wet or dry climates.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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