Solpugid Feasting
Location:  Las Vegas
August 22, 2010 11:18 am
Hi guys. I have noticed that you don’t have many pics of sun spiders eating so I decided to send you a couple of pics. I have one that I captured in my backyard here in North Las Vegas and it has no problem eating in captivity. One pic is it feasting on a cicada and the other one is it eating a very much larger grasshopper.

Solifugid Eats Cicada in Captivity

Hi Will,
Thank you for providing us with these images of a Sun Spider or Windscorpion in the order Solifugae feeding on a Cicada and a Katydid in captivity.  Sun Spiders are amazingly adept hunters that will probably eat anything they are able to catch, including small lizards and young mice, though their normal diet would consist of small arthropods.  Though Cicadas and Katydids are Arthropods, they do not normally crawl in the ground, sticking to trees and shrubs instead, so they probably do not contribute significantly to a wild Solifugid’s diet.

Solifugid eats Katydid in captivity

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