Unknown Phasmid?
Location:  Orlando, Florida
August 26, 2010 7:12 am
This insect was found on the trunk of a Starfruit tree. It’s about 2 inches in length. I haven’t seen one like it before around here, but maybe that’s because they blend in so well!

Grizzled Mantis

Dear GrowerJim,
Your insect is a Mantis, not a Phasmid or Walkingstick.  It appears to be a Grizzled Mantis,
Gonatista grisea, a species reported on BugGuide from North Carolina to Florida.  According to the information page on BugGuide, it is:  “Mottled gray, green and brown and overall body shape is broad and flattened. Pronotum not narrowed ahead of point where frong legs attached. Female has short wings, abdomen lobed on side. In male, wings cover abdomen at restYour individual fits the description of a female.

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