Nessus Sphinx in Oklahoma?
Location:  Seminole, Oklahoma
August 25, 2010 9:12 pm
Ever since finding your site, I have been amazed by the pictures of the sphinx moths. I thought it would be so cool to see one, and being a bug kid and never seeing one around, I figured they weren’t native to Oklahoma. I was waiting on my family to get ready to go out to dinner, and saw all these insects on my oak outside so I grabbed my camera. There were butterflies, roaches, flesh flies and tons of horse flies all feasting on the sap (I’m guessing) on the side of my oak. As I was taking photos, along comes what I believe to be a Nessus Sphinx! The picture is not good… but maybe you can confirm from it for me? It was awesome! Possibly a dream come true… Thanks so much!
Amy Goodman

Nessus Sphinx

Hi Amy
Even with the lack of image clarity, the markings on the Nessus Sphinx make the identification easy.  The Nessus Sphinx is native to Oklahoma, as are numerous other Sphinx Moths.  Bill Oehlke’s excellent website has a list of Oklahoma sightings.

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