White Ladybug?
Location:  Michigan
August 25, 2010 10:18 am
I found this ladybug crawling on one of our kayaks in Michigan (not to worry, I moved it before I went out onto the water). I’ve never seen a white ladybug before, so I have to ask, what is it? Is is a species separate from red ladybugs, or some kind of albino insect?
(Also, I apologize if you receive multiple emails from me. I attempted to send this earlier, but the photograph may have been too large and it didn’t seem to send properly, so I cropped the image and tried again.)

Ashy Gray Lady Beetle

Hi Kevin,
We believe this is an Ashy Gray Lady Beetle,
Olla v-nigrum (See BugGuide), though we would not discount it being another species.

Correction: November 23, 2010
WE just received numerous corrections of Lady Beetle identifications including this Fifteen Spotted Lady Beetle,
Anatis labiculata.  The Discover Life website has some nice matching photos.

Location: Michigan

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  1. nedved says:

    This is Anatis labiculata. May turn purple with ageing.

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