Mating Skippers
Location:  Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati, OH
August 23, 2010 9:15 pm
Hi Bugman,
Love is in the air and definitely in my garden. The skippers have been abundant and madly chasing each other around for a few weeks.
I’m going to take a stab at this and tentatively suggest that these are Little Glassywings, based on a plethora of other photos that I’ve taken of these adorable little guys and that they are common to my county. I know it’s pretty impossible to clearly identify the species based on these pics.
What cracks me up, watching their mating ritual, is that the female will land and spread her wings and body out, seemingly making herself available for mating, just from my observations.
The male will usually do a little bouncing ’dance’ over her for several seconds and then land next to her. He then curls his abdomen toward her, invitingly. Sometimes she accepts his advances, other times not.
This gal apparently found her suitor acceptable.

Mating Skippers

Hi Ragdoll,
Thanks so much for supplying such a detailed account of your observations of the mating habits of these Skippers.  We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and we do not have the time to research your identification, but we will post your email and we hope the images show live.  We will link to the Little Glassywing,
Pompeius verna, page on BugGuide.

Mating Skippers

Thanks a bunch, Bug Wo/Man, but please, don’t trouble yourself too much trying to verify the species. I know skippers are very similar and hard to identify, and these particular pics don’t really do a lot to help with that.
I just wanted to share some shots and the antics of one my favorite garden visitors. They are so cute with their fat, fuzzy little bodies and great big eyes. Plus, they’re pretty fearless. They’ll almost let me touch them, at times, and seem to be as interested in me as I am in them.
I’m happy that you found the shots worthy of posting and, as always, thanks for such a wonderful site. You’ve given me an outlet for my love of ‘bugs’ and kindled a real desire to learn about them, simply because no question, comment, or assumption is too ignorant for you. I’m living proof of that.
Warm Regards,

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