whats that bug website
Location:  conesus ny
August 23, 2010 7:26 pm
I guess i’m not quite sure how the site works I put a post up last week and was wondering it im just supposed to what to hear from you or am I suppose to keep checking the website…please advise…thank you Tom


Hi Tom,
We are not able to answer every letter we receive.  We randomly select letters that are submitted in the past 24 hours based in part on the promise of a good subject line.  We post as many letters as we are able to each day and we respond to other letters that we do not post.  After 24 hours, we only resort to posting old mail if we run out of new mail.  You didn’t inquire about the insect in your photo.  We cannot go back through old mail to verify any specific question you may have about these benign Barklice.  Barklice, despite looking like they might be doing damage to this tree, are really feeding on lichen and fungi.  These Barklice,
Cerastipsocus venosus, are commonly called Tree Cattle.

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