mean green bug
Location:  kentucky
August 22, 2010 5:32 pm
hello…i was travleing out of greenbo lake state park in kentucky …on the road was a app. 6” lime green..possible had horns down its back and on it’s head…ive never seen anything like this…hope to be able to send you a photo…..
James Kinney

Hickory Horned Devil

Hi James,
The Hickory Horned Devil is the largest caterpillar in North America.

You all are great….. I just recently got me a laptop and i have tried some different sights for different things (games,screensvares .etc) they ALL seem  to have some kind of catch…’re sight gave me exactly what i wanted with NO hidden agenda….I really appreciate this and when i can i will help in any way i can, again, thank you.    P.S. That bug was awesome,my whole family loved it 🙂

We do have an agenda James, but it is not hidden.  We abhor Unnecessary Carnage and we strive to promote tolerance of the lower beasts.  We believe everyone should read “On the Origin of Species” before making an opinion about it.

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