End Band Net-Wing Beetle
Location:  North Middle Tennessee
August 17, 2010 7:08 pm
This fellow came to my ”bug fly-in” this morning. After searching around the internet I think I have an ID from bug guide. I believe it is an End Band Net-Wing Beetle (Calopteron terminale) I noticed you do not have one of these on your website. (Not exactly like this one anyway) I don’t think I ever saw one of these before today, but that was probably because I wasn’t looking. Thanks and have a great day.

End Band Netwing Beetle

Hi Richard,
Thank you so much for adding to our archives with this under-represented species, the End Band Netwing Beetle,
Calopteron terminale.  We were, however, disturbed that you indicated we had none in our archive, so we searched and found this old posting from 2008 of Mating End Band Netwing Beetles.  At the end of summer that year, we did a major site migration and an overhaul of the methods we had previously used to make postings.  Our awesome web master, Daniel, transferred the entire archives and set up a system for organizing various categories and subcategories, but much work remained.  Our categorizations got much more specific after that, but the older archives are still categorized in a more general way.  They are in disarray.  Because of your letter, we have identified significantly more Netwing Beetles from the archive than the seven postings that were in that subcategory this morning.  We should really allot more time to cleaning up our archives, but we spend so much time trying to post all of the fabulous new submissions we receive that we have, except in a few cases, left the archives in their jumbled form.  It is always best to try to use our search engine to locate items from our more disorganized early history.

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