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Possibly Ophiogomphus bison?
Location:  Living Prairie Museum, Winnipeg, Canada
August 13, 2010 12:51 am
Took this pic while visiting Winnipeg’s Living Prairie Museum in June 2008. Just now getting around (tsk tsk) to finishing labeling and filing the pics. I think I located this dragonfly on BugGuide as the Bison Snaketail (Ophiogomphus bison) but would like your take on it to make sure. Also that name did not come up when I did a search on your site so if it is, perhaps you’d like a picture of one.
Cheers, Dee

Dragonfly may be Pale Snaketail

Hi Dee,
BugGuide lists the range of the Bison Snaketail as California and Oregon only, so we don’t believe that is your species.  Exact Dragonfly identification is difficult for us.  We believe you have the genus correct.  BugGuide lists the range of the Pale Snaketail,
Ophiogomphus severus, as including nearby Saskatchewan, so we believe that is a better candidate.

Hello again, Daniel.  Okay, this time I think we are much closer on a proper ID of the photo I submitted on 12 Aug (I reattached the same pic).  Looking at pics of the Pale Snaketail, it just didn’t have the right coloration.  I have seen several Gomphus which are in that geographic range and look very similar.  Wondering if there is ever so much variation to account for the difference I see in my pic and those online of Midland Clubtail (Gomphus fraternus manitobanus) because I believe they are not supposed to have the yellow spot on the last large segment of tail, like the Plains Clubtail (Gomphus externus).  The Plains seem really yellow compared to mine, but perhaps there is variation by age/location?  Someone posted a pic of what looks like an identical insect to BugGuide Hoping someone with knowledge of these Manitoban insects can enlighten us all.  At any rate, I don’t believe my pic is of either Pale or a Bison Snaketail, now. Thanks, Dee

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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