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help with the ID please
Location:  Nagpur City,Maharashtra State,India
August 14, 2010 4:41 am
Hi again.
WTB has helpd me to start observing the beauties of nature again.so whenever i come across something that catches my eye i click it.used to do it earlier but kinda lost touch.thanks to WTB that i felt like starting with it again.
yesterday i came across this pretty moth.need your help with the identification.does it belong to the Catocala family?
thanks a lot.
Abhishek Sagar

Moth from India

Hi Abhishek,
We need to do some research on this moth, but we do not believe it is in the genus Catocala, but it may be in the family Erebidae that includes Catocala, or possibly in the Owlet Moth family Noctuidae.  At any rate, we do believe it can be classified in the superfamily Noctuoidea which includes both Erebidae and Noctuidae.  We will post your letter and photo and request assistance from our readership.

Karl provides another identification
August 15, 2010
Hi Daniel and Abhishek:
I am fairly certain that the genus is Dysgonia (Noctuidae: Catocalinae) but there are a number of species in India and many of them look similar. D. stuposa looks like a close match and it ranges though much of Asia (India to Japan and Indonesia). Regards. Karl.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: India

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  1. philip says:

    I have been given a frames of Buuterflys as a gift, is anyone able to help me identify any
    of them ?

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