I’m scary stalker obsessed with your site
August 14, 2010 4:18 pm
Realy, I can’t stop.  I work outdoors at a zoo in Texas, and I see bugs- LOTS of bugs- every day.  And I admit, I am now a reformed Destroyer of Creepy Crawlies.  Ever since stumbling on this site, I now study the bug instead of squashing it.  It’s good for the bug, good for the environment, and honestly that Cheeto’s crunch always gave me the willies.  Any time a bug would get near me, which happens daily, I would flail and run and bat at it- trying to get away. Then it would feel my angry shoe wrath-  But now I want to get closer to see if I recognize it from your site.  Thank Goodness I now know the Robber fly.  Those little boogers were scary until I found out more about them.  I’m also learning the differences between all the wasps out here, and the wasp look-a-likes.  A giant cicada-killer is who led me to this site originally.  Well, it didn’t phsycially lead me here- that would be weird, but after I saw that fatty flying around I was convinced in B-movie mutated giant
wasps trying to take over the world and HAD to find out what was going on.  Now I’m learning all about the insects and spiders.  A real testament to your site is when I DIDN’T freak out after walking head first into a spider’s web.  I thought I got most of the sticky stuff off me, but a guest at the zoo was walking towards me, pointing and screaming.  I’m thinking “Crud! There’s a lion behind me, isn’t there?”  Nope.  Giant mammoth spider stuck in my hair.  I’ll admit I did a little squealing and dancing, and he was yo-yo’ed a bit from my hand with his sticky string.  But I didn’t squash him.  I looked him up.  He was a big ol’ grey garden orb weaver.  I admit, I’d like him a lot better if he wasn’t in my hair, but I’m loving finding these bugs and looking them up on your site, and recognizing the bugs out here.  There’s one gigantic flying white and black spotty beetle out here, that one day I will get a picture of to send you. I’m dying to find out what that bohemoth is.
Anyway, my point is, thanks so much for the site.  I’m having so mu
ch fun with it, and it’s been so useful.  Your site realy does convert avid smooshers into “live and let bee” people.  (bee… get it?)  Also, it’s the one site I can look up at work and not have to hover the mouse over the “x” button in case the boss walks up!  (I’m not a pervert or anything. I just really like sites where idiots hurt themselves).  Keep up the good work!
Reformed Bug Squisher

Dear Reformed Bug Squisher,
Your letter is awesome.  It is one of the best fanmail letters we have ever received.  We want to stop posting for the evening just so your letter will stay at the top of our homepage for a spell.  Try looking up Cottonwood Borer to see if that is your black and white beetle.

Thanks so much!  I’m glad you liked my letter because now I tell people I’m a published author.  And then I try to start discussions where I can name drop the ovispositer, just because it’s a new big word and I sound super smart when I talk about it.  As soon as I find my camera charger I am going to document my decent into the dangerous world of venom.  We have daddy longlegs (of the harvestman variety, now I know, thanks to your site) ALL over the zoo, and the myth prevails here that they are indeed the “most venomous spider known to man, but thier teeth are too small to penetrate human skin”.  Now, you and I know this is not true.  And the harvestman isn’t even a spider, although it is an arachnid. (See?  I look like I know what I’m talking about.  This is awesome).  So I’m on a photo safari to royally tick off a daddy longlegs, have him bite me, and then NOT die, just so I can show my stubborn and WRONG co-workers that I am right, and they are wrong.  So take THAT in the ovipositer!

Forgot to tell you in my reply that the big scary white and black beetle that facinates me so is indeed a cottonwood borer, I think.  From what I’ve read, they get to be up to 1 1/2 inches, and the one that follows me around seems bigger.  Maybe I found the biggest one in the world and should get a prize or something.  Or maybe the mutant freaks really ARE taking over… just as I suspected.
And I also realized it’s a bit ironic to try to impress people with my new giant brain knowledge, using big words like OVIPOSITOR, when I misspell that dang thing all over the place.  Me smart. Give cookie.

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