Black Horse Fly
Location:  Cumberland Plateau, rural southeast Tennessee
August 14, 2010 12:21 pm
Hello Daniel,
I thought I’d add to the growing collection of Black Horse Fly pictures. Seems that they are prolific this year! This one is a little over one inch long, and from earlier posts, I think is a female. If so, and the biting sex, I’m glad she was more interested in the top of my grill than in me.
Keep up the great work! It is amazing, entertaining, and informative.
Bob Kieffer

Black Horse Fly

Hi Bob,
As your email indicates, your specimen of a Black Horse Fly is a female as evidenced by the space between her eyes.  This is an excellent companion photo to the one we just posted a few hours ago of a male.

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  1. Dee Velaz says:

    are these flies harmful to plants or animals?

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