What is it
Location:  Jerome, AZ
August 10, 2010 8:07 am
I think this was summer time, Mingus Mtn, near Jerome, AZ.
Would like to know what to name this thing.

Tachinid Fly

Hi Charles,
This fly is a Tachinid Fly in the family Tachinidae.  According to BugGuide:  “Larval stages are parasitoids of other insects. Almost every order of insects is attacked by tachinids, including a few types of non-insect arthropods. Some tachinids are very specific and others can parasitize a wide variety of hosts. The most common hosts are caterpillars.
”  BugGuide also indicates:  “Most tachinids deposit their eggs directly on the body of their host, and it is not uncommon to see caterpillars with several tachinid eggs on them. Upon hatching the larva usually burrows into its host and feeds internally. When fully developed it leaves the host and pupates nearby. Some tachinids lay their eggs on foliage; the larvae are flattened and are called planidia; they remain on the foliage until they find a suitable host.”  Finally, in terms of species identification BugGuide advises:  “Bristle placements, facial conformation, and antennal shapes are helpful in identifying genera; images that show these features have a better chance of being identified.”   Sadly, we do not feel confident taking this identification to the species level and believe that might require a dipterist who specialized in flies.

Species identification courtesy of Eric Eaton
Hi, Daniel:
Went through the site and found only a few minor corrections/clarifications, most recent to oldest:
Tachnid fly from Jerome, Arizona:  Paradejeania rutilioides …
…Otherwise, either very good or “I can’t help with that:-)”
Is the book out for everybody yet?  If so, I’ll link it to my blog, share on Facebook, etc.  I did get the pre-order e-mail from you.

Thanks Eric,
The book will be available in October.

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