Oklahoma Blister Beetle? Husband says yes…
Location:  Seminole, Oklahoma
August 8, 2010 2:36 pm
I found this great looking beetle and stuck it into a bowl until I could grab my camera. I took many pictures of it, but ended up with only 8 that were in focus. It was hanging around the cat food bowl (before I captured it). When I let it go it was in a hurry to get away from me. The bug was approximately 1.5” long, and the closest beetle on your website or Bugguide.net I found in looks is the Master Blister Beetle, but mine has a black head. The Master seems to have a red head. My husband insists it’s a blister beetle though. Thanks in advance!
P.S. – I released him and let him go on his way!
Amy Goodman

Blister Beetle

Hi Amy,
You are correct.  This is a Blister Beetle, but we need to research the species.  We quickly found a match on BugGuide with
Epicauta conferta, a species reported from Oklahoma and Kansas.  Thank you for contributing a new species to our archives.

Blister Beetle: Epicauta conferta

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