Full frontal cicada
Location:  Boone County, MO
August 8, 2010 4:32 pm
Here’s what I thought was a nice image of a cicada I found bumming around on my front porch. I gave up identifying it to species when I realized there were several in my area and I couldn’t tell them apart. Maybe you can help me out there!
I love you guys. I have a link to your site on my blog
(I’m always finding all kinds of other things when I’m out looking for mushrooms). Please keep doing what you do (and feel free to edit this letter).

Annual Cicada

Hi Mycologista,
We can’t imagine what to edit from your email.  Surely not the praise you lavish upon us.  Since you have given permission to edit, we have taken the liberty of rotating your photograph to allow for a larger file to post.  Like we tell our students, when you are aiming down on the subject, proper orientation of the print is subjective since up is behind the camera.  In so doing, we oriented the lighter side of the image up since the light generally comes from above.  This is one of the Annual Cicadas in the genus
Tibicen. As you have indicated, many species look similar, and because we like the name, we often identify Annual Cicadas in the genus Tibicen as Dog Day Harvestflies, though that name should only apply to Tibicen canicularis, which typically ranges farther north (see BugGuide).  Annual Cicada is a safe name, but it is misleading since the Cicadas actually live underground longer than a year.  The name refers to the fact that adults appear each year unlike the Periodical Cicadas or Seventeen Year Locusts.

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