the hungry catapllers
Location:  satellite beach, fl
August 8, 2010 8:42 am
i found these hungry catapillers. eating away at what left of bushes in my front yard. All I know they black and green with legs in front and back.

Snowbush Spanworms

Hi Neal,
Though we were not familiar with this caterpillar, we quickly identified them as Snowbush Spanworms,
Melanchroia chephise, the caterpillar of the White-Tipped Black, because the caterpillars appeared to have but two sets of prolegs at the hind end, indicating the family Geometridae.  BugGuide provides this information:  “larvae feed on plants in the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) such as Breynia and Phyllanthus species.”  We are having a difficult time believing these caterpillars have defoliated your shrubs as depicted in your photographs.  We suspect a rampant chain saw was the real culprit.

Snowbush Spanworm

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  1. Jayne Hoffmann says:

    The snowbush is a very invasive pest. I had them last year on my snow bushes out front and they all be destroyed them. And, yes they do eat the bark and all the leaves down. If left alone, they will eat your plants to the point where they cannot regrow

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