BUgs found in garden
Location:  Waddell, Arizona
August 7, 2010 3:55 pm
Can you please tell me what kind of bugs there are. They are all over in my garden and around my pond. What can i do to rid of them with out hurting the fish in my pond or our frogs?
thanks, Nona

African Painted Bug

i actually found the idenification after i submitted my request on your web site. They are african painted beetles, thanks anyway

African Painted Bugs: Imago (left) and nymph (right)

Hi Nona,
We are happy you were able to identify your African Painted Bugs,
Bagrada hilaris, using our archives.  These diminutive Stink Bugs were recently introduced to the U.S. and they have appeared in California and Arizona since 2008.  They feed upon plants in the cabbage family including black mustard, a weed plant that is also considered an invasive exotic.  Since you have so many immature nymphs in your garden and pond, we suspect you have mating activity.  You should try to locate the plants they are feeding upon, and limit your control methods to that area.  Spraying mild soapy water should help, and try to keep the solution away from your pond and its wildlife.

African Painted Bug nymphs

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