spikey six-legged visitor
Location:  Philadelphia, PA
August 5, 2010 12:29 pm
I’m hoping you can help me! I own a flower shop in Philadelphia and came across this guy hiking his way across my counter. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if the bug somehow stowed away on some of my imported flowers, or came from some of the local blooms in our shop. All of which make pinpointing its origin kind of difficult. I’ve seen a lot of bugs in my day, but I’ve really never seen anything like this. Thanks in advance for your help!
P. Chang

Spiny Assassin Bug

Hi P. Chang,
You have had a visit from a Spiny Assassin Bug in the genus Sinea.  It is a native genus with 11 species in North America according to BugGuide.  Assassin Bugs are predators and most species should be encouraged by home gardeners and professional gardeners, but they should be handled with caution as they might bite.

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  1. Marc says:

    Awesome!! I just took some amazing photos of one of these, that I found on a bush outside! I really thought it was some type of assassin bug, but wasn’t sure. These are by far, one of my favorites.

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