I think Nursery Web Spider? Southern NJ
Location:  Southern NJ
August 6, 2010 11:54 am
Hi Daniel, I’ve written before with miscellaneous ramblings (most in the vein of adulation) but I understand you’re busy folks. I took this photo of a spider in my garden in the beginning of July. I was trying to photograph raindrops in the web after a short rainstorm, and this guy showed up! I was giddy.
I see them all the time, but I never got around to fully researching what they are. The Nursery Web spiders seem to resemble my spider the most.
Now for the ramblings (abridged):
I love bugs, and I love you guys for loving bugs.
Within the last week I found a wheel bug nymph in my backyard, and rescued a gorgeous house centipede from the office where I work, two insects which I was able to identify at some point in my years-long love affair with whatsthatbug thanks to you and your dedication. Keep it up! No more squishing! (cept the bloodsuckers. they can #^*# off [edited for content])

Funnel Web Spider

Hi Alison,
This is not a Nursery Web Spider.  We believe, based on the eye arrangement, that it is a Funnel Web Spider in the family Agelenidae.  You can compare the eye arrangements for many families of spiders on BugGuide.  Thank you for your numerous compliments.  We have taken the liberty of “bleeping” a word in your letter, but we want to explain our stance.  Though we consider our website to be mature, and we respect free speech and freedom of the press, we also understand that our website is frequently used by educators, grade school students, and minors in general.  With that understanding, we have never shied away from adult themes, but we are always mindful of refraining from using unnecessary profane language.  Though the word we have edited resonates with us as well as many folks who have been plagued by mosquitoes, bed bugs and other blood suckers, discretion has prompted us to replace the word with symbols.  We hope you understand and that you don’t think of us as being overly prudish, which we are not.

Thanks for the reply and the ID. I totally understand, I should have known anyway and edited it out myself. And despite my venom toward bloodsuckers, most of them are very beautiful. And it always ticks (haha, get it? Ticks?) me off when people say they serve no purpose. Hello? Food chain? Not to mention they spread disease, which helps toward population control. But then I’ve found people tend to scrunch their brow whenever I say that.
Have a great weekend 🙂

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  1. Nate says:

    “Funnel Web” Spiders are extremely venomous Spiders that are found in Australia. That picture LOOKS like a Funnel WEAVER Spider.

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